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Epithelial Systems Biology Group in the Laboratory of Kidney and Electrolyte Metabolism of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

This database lists proteins from cultured mpkCCD cells (originally derived from mouse renal cortical collecting duct [PubMed]) detected by protein mass spectrometry. All data are from polarized mpkCCD cells grown on membrane supports in the presence or absence of 0.1 nM vasopressin analog dDAVP for 5 days. The mpkCCD cells were re-cloned (clone 11) for maximal expression of the water channel aquaporin-2 as described by Yu et al. [PubMed]. Hence the profile reported here is not necessarily representative of the original line. Mass spectrometry was carried out on LTQ and LTQ-FT mass spectrometers using target-decoy analysis to specify a 1 % false discovery rate. To eliminate ambiguous protein identifications, all identified peptide sequences were matched to protein sequences in the mouse refseq database using BLAST from NCBI. A protein (one gene symbol) is considered identified if it has at least one identified peptide sequence that is a unique match to a single refseq accession number. Peptide sequences with multiple refseq accession numbers for the same gene symbol (e.g. isoforms) are included for protein identifications. The additional refseq accession numbers of the same gene symbol are listed. The column "Peptide(s)" lists numbers of different peptides identified for the matched proteins. See also mpkCCD Transcriptome Database [here] for a listing of transcripts found in these cells by Affymetrix microarray profiling.

Current Database Size: 2,990 proteins. Click [here] to download data.

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