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This database of medullary thick ascending limb (mTAL) transcripts is based on Affymetrix microarray profiling carried out in the Laboratory of Kidney and Electrolyte Metabolism, NHLBI. Data are from mTAL cells freshly isolated from rat kidneys. Use the menu bar above to sort the database by different characteristics.

Signal intensity of all transcripts has been normalized such that the median value is 1. Transcripts with signal values above background (0.2) were considered to be expressed. Values are corrected for cross contamination of samples (i.e. non-mTAL fraction).

These experimental data are derived from 3 pairs of Rat 230 2.0 Expression Array by Affymetrix Inc. Standard error of the mean for all transcripts can be obtained via the Download Data link in this page.

The mTAL Transcriptome Database was created by the Epithelial Systems Biology Laboratory led by Mark A. Knepper. with questions or comments.