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Laboratory of Computational Biology (BBC LCB)

Bernard R. Brooks, PhD, Principal Investigator

The Computational Biophysics Section explores current problems in molecular biology using sophisticated computer hardware and software. Researchers are currently developing new methodologies for studying protein folding, carbon nanotubestructure, reaction path mapping, and other disciplines.

One of the most important resources possesed by the laboratory is the LoBoS Cluster. LoBoS is a Beowulf class computer located at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.


Richard W. Pastor, PhD, Principal Investigator

The Membrane Biophysics Section focuses on computer simulation of the lipid bilayers and related surfactant systems. This involves method and force field development, and all-atom and coarse grained simulations of membrane peptides, signaling lipids, glycolipids, and rafts. Other research areas include carbohydrates structure and dynamics, and hydrodynamics.